“Breath gives pause so that our wholeness can be expressed”

Seminars on Enlightened Living, Energy Healing, and Retreats

The Enlightened Living Seminar

The greatest gift we give ourselves is permission to live fully. This requires the full surrender of our out breath. In this class three simple approaches are taught that set the stage for us to breathe more deeply and freely using posture and movement, speech and meditation.

What you will learn are concepts and a skill set that are ready to be integrated into your life – easy to learn tools that give rewards the minute you do them! They connect you to your intuition, bring you into the present; and facilitate unconditional love in your life. People of all ages and levels of experience will benefit!

*RMTs who take this class attain 3 CEUs in category B

  • Live more fully in the present moment
  • Improve all levels of health
  • Have more energy
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Improve communication with yourself and others
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase momentum in your life
  • Improve posture
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Learn to meditate quickly and effectively

Enlightened Living Seminar




$99 for 4 classes
$40 to repeat


20 Poyntz St. Barrie, ON
L4M 3N9

Upcoming Classes

Jan 23rd, 30th, Feb 6th, and 13th 2018

To Register

Complete Registration Form
  1. Submit form electronically, or print and submit by mail or in person.
  2. Pay online via Interac e-transfer to or contact Carol to make payment by cash or cheque.

I liked the positive energy; the openness of people; the ebb and flow; and the love. Love is the answer to my fears. I know I need to embrace this concept to move to a higher level.

Susan S.

On the day of the seminar I knew during the first few moments of Carol talking that I was exactly where I needed to be. To learn from Carol about shallow breathing and how it can affect us even when we are talking was profound for me. Paying attention to my breath is the most important skill I use now to bring me back to living more freely in the present when my mind has taken me away.

I have read many books over the years searching for answers and frustrated with my inability to be successful at change. I am thrilled with the helpful skills that Carol has shared with us. I feel a huge sense of relief to know I will use them because she has helped me to understand how and why they work for me.

Lorraine Haughton

I very much enjoyed Carol's Enlightened Living workshop. It was very experiential with lots of practical tips to use in my day to day life, such as paying attention to posture, stopping to breathe when talking, and also letting go of busy talk in the mind, and daily meditation practice certainly helps in being mindful of this.
Best of all was Carol's beautiful warm energy, sense of humour and wonderful communication skills - a very inspirational person! Thanks very much and I am also grateful for receiving your regular tips and reminders so I don't get too complacent.

Take care.


Energy Healing Course

This approach to healing and life treats the whole person from the soul level to the physical body. The etheric physical body is an exact replica of the dense physical body and it is in and through this body healers work. This is the “electric system” which vitalizes and maintains the dense physical body.

The courses taught by the INEH Instructors are inspiring, practical, and highly educational in  understanding health and disease. They teach the professional therapist and the person of goodwill how to support their own health, and help others using an ancient, spiritual body of knowledge based on scientific and esoteric principles. This form of healing is compatible with all other forms of health care.

The INEH (International Network for Energy Healing) is a global group concerned with health in body, mind, and spirit. Teachers from many countries work together with an agreed curriculum. Graduates include Physicians, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and people of goodwill interested in the principles of holistic health and healing.

Course Length and Fee

Part 1: $400     Part 2: $400     Part 3: $400     Part 4: $400

Next Available

February 24/25 2018 and April 28/29 2018 – level I

September 29/30 2018 and November 24/25 2018 – level II

Levels III and IV will be held in 2019

Each level four days in length


Barrie, Ontario

How to Register

Registration is due one month prior to the start of each part of the course, eg by January 24, 2018.

  1. Download the registration form. Print it out and submit it by post, in-person, or by email.
  2. Payment options are e-transfer, cash or cheque:
    1. $50 deposit or
    2. the full course fee of $400 or
    3. $100 with three post-dated cheques for $100 each

Note:  If there is insufficient enrollment, all monies will be refunded. Cancellation with no penalty is possible until one month before the first day of the course. If there is a problem attending once monies are paid, all but the deposit will be returned and it can be used again for the next available course.

You can pay…

  1. By post with a cheque, Interac e-transfer (, or by cash to Carol Martin
  2. Contact Carol to arrange for in-person delivery by cash or cheque


Retreats offer a unique learning opportunity by taking you away from the distraction of familiar surroundings.

Carol Martin and Kelly Smith are planning retreats they will co-lead beginning in the the Spring of 2016. Location will likely be the Northern Lights Retreat Centre, near Collingwood. Please let me know if you would like to be on an interest list and/or subscribe to my newsletter to receive information on upcoming retreats and courses. Thank you!

Carol Martin

Carol Martin has been organizing retreats and teaching in retreat settings since 1989 in Muskoka, at the Northern Lights Centre and at the Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre near Wyebridge.

Kelly Smith

Kelly is a Registered Social Worker, a Play Therapy Intern, and a Sand Tray Therapist. She is an avid workshop leader and participant, and loves the intensity that comes with weekend emersion. She has trained in Mindfulness, Breathwork, Life Skills, Psychodramatic Bodywork, Compassionate Communication, and many other modalities. For the past twenty years, she has been a Sacred Circle Dance facilitator and teacher of the Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms.

Benefits of Retreats:

  • We sometimes need to leave “home” to have a holiday. We breathe differently on holiday. We create inner space and open to new awarenesses.

  • The inner shifts that can happen when we are learning in a retreat setting will be unique to each and every person. Sharing with the group, if it feels right, can be very rich.

  • Retreats offer good fun, movement, play time and just “being taken care of”.

  • Our retreats are very cost effective.

  • If nature inspires you then the beauty of the property at the Northern Lights secluded retreat setting will inspire you.

The Northern Lights Retreat Centre