About Energy Work…..

The energy of our mind and emotions is causal to our physical energy. In other words, physical stress began as mental or emotional stress. The origins of our current emotional or mental stress can be traced far back before this life, or to conception, in utero, to birth and forward.

It is important to know that when a person is ready to release energetic patterns that have been conditioning their life, these ‘energetic templates’ are accessible and workable. They can be assisted to resolve and clear leaving a person less burdened and more able to deal with their life and with others.

All feelings and thoughts are energies within us that want to move, which makes them amenable to treatment. This type of energetic treatment is not invasive or dangerous, but more akin to cleaning a house of no longer useful or desired clutter. It is a deep and personal endeavor. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

This is the deepest aspect to physical body work. I recommend it to anyone who has physical, emotional, or mental issues they are tired of having and would like to move beyond.