Since we are all of us “shallow breathers”, a life with breath would be a different kind of life. Make no mistake, change is involved with breathing deeper.

 I’m not trying to scare you off or in any way dissuade you from reading my book BREATHE or taking my one day Seminar. I just want to say that the amount of oxygen you breathe is a big deal and has a big impact on your life: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I keep saying “when you free up your breath you free up your life” – well I’m not kidding!

So why don’t we, if it is so intoxicatingly GOOD to breathe more? One reason is: “Our resistance is monumental and mostly unconscious.” BREATHE, Pg. 30. But don’t despair.

People tell me that after reading the book and taking the seminar the quality of their life improves as their breathing deepens. Bottom line, they remember to notice their breath, and, most importantly, they have three practical skills that help them breathe more deeply all the time.

I love teaching this class because it is so uplifting for me and everyone else who experiences it. Spirits lift; energy lifts, hope lifts, awareness lifts and consciousness lifts. This is a special class and anyone will benefit from it.

Dates of the next Classes in Barrie are:

Sat. Jan 10, 2015 for EVERYONE and

Sun. Jan 18, 2015 just for MEN.

Enroll on my web site or email me and I’ll send you a registration form.