“Breath gives pause so that our wholeness can be expressed”

Workshops on Breath; Courses on Healing; Meditations online (free); and an Introduction to the 7 Rays of Energy and your Personal Ray Make-up.

BREATHE — a workshop with Carol Martin

The greatest gift we give ourselves is permission to live fully. This requires the full surrender of our out breath. In this class three simple approaches are taught that set the stage for us to breathe more deeply and freely using posture and movement, speech and meditation.

What you will learn are concepts and a skill set that are ready to be integrated into your life – easy to learn tools that give rewards the minute you do them! They connect you to your intuition, bring you into the present; and facilitate unconditional love in your life. People of all ages and levels of experience will benefit!

  • Live more fully in the present
  • Improve posture
  • Free up energy
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce stress
  • Centre quickly and effectively

BREATHE — an 8 hour workshop with Carol Martin

Fee $200

Repeat $60

Usual Format – 4 x 2 hrs (once a week for 4 weeks)

BREATHE — a 2 hour refresher class

Fee $25

(due 1 week before)

Format – 2 hours

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Classes are available, please contact me by phone/email/text regarding dates.

[email protected]
(705) 734-0107

I liked the positive energy; the openness of people; the ebb and flow; and the love. Love is the answer to my fears. I know I need to embrace this concept to move to a higher level.

Susan S.

On the day of the seminar I knew during the first few moments of Carol talking that I was exactly where I needed to be. To learn from Carol about shallow breathing and how it can affect us even when we are talking was profound for me. Paying attention to my breath is the most important skill I use now to bring me back to living more freely in the present when my mind has taken me away.

I have read many books over the years searching for answers and frustrated with my inability to be successful at change. I am thrilled with the helpful skills that Carol has shared with us. I feel a huge sense of relief to know I will use them because she has helped me to understand how and why they work for me.

Lorraine Haughton

I very much enjoyed Carol's Enlightened Living workshop. It was very experiential with lots of practical tips to use in my day to day life, such as paying attention to posture, stopping to breathe when talking, and also letting go of busy talk in the mind, and daily meditation practice certainly helps in being mindful of this.
Best of all was Carol's beautiful warm energy, sense of humour and wonderful communication skills - a very inspirational person! Thanks very much and I am also grateful for receiving your regular tips and reminders so I don't get too complacent.

Take care.


What are the Rays of Energy that colour your Being?

This class is designed to assist you to discover your own personal Ray Make Up  – the energy underlying your psychology and astrology.

All of life is comprised of the Seven Rays of Energy and they colour your Soul and entire Personality too. Every person is distinct and unique, with different inherent traits and tendencies that define our strengths and weaknesses. Understanding them in ourselves and others is empowering and helpful in relationships at home, at work, and in life generally. No matter what your profession or life situation, you will find this information immediately applicable in your life.

Length of Course:

5 classes of 2.5 hours each = 12.5 hours total

Fee:   $300

To be a participant in this class the fee must be paid in advance.

Please contact Carol Martin prior to registering. 

705-734-0107 or email her: [email protected]
Register by cheque, cash or e-transfer to Carol Martin.

Generally, I consider myself to be quite a self aware person. It was delightful to have deeper insight into how I navigate my reality (the good and not so good!) The group was a good mix of 'Rays' so it was Interesting to get a glimpse of how others function and respond to life.

Carol brings compassion and humour to her already excellent teaching skills. The course would be worth repeating to get it on an even deeper level.

J.A.Alliston, ON

Taking this course with Carol was such a delight. The Rays workshop is an interesting mix of esoteric knowledge and practical advice about how to live your best life. Carol helped me to understand how and why I face the same challenges over and over again and I can now apply my new knowledge towards personal growth. Carol is a passionate and dedicated teacher who shares her knowledge with humour and grace. I highly recommend this course!

A.B. Barrie, ON