If we are part of the Divine then what is that special feeling that lets us know we are in touch with that connection? What do you do that keeps that connection alive and well? I’d like to share two activities I do which give me that feeling.

One is singing in a choir. The other is allowing my breath and letting it deepen. Don’t yawn, read on.

Singing in a Choir

Here I am part of a larger group that is working together to produce a harmony of sound. Each individual is expressing themselves, and no one is more important than another. The result is that the many become one. We become part of one sound. Since I believe we are parts of, or expressions of, the Divine, the One Life, then perhaps that is why I feel so uplifted by singing in a choir. (Think of the Divine as a higher vibration of being we humans are evolving towards.)

Allowing my Breath and Letting it Deepen

We all breath the same air. When I allow my breath, especially the out breath, I surrender to a life cycle, a circle, a letting go and receiving. In surrendering any resistance to breathing deeply I affirm my oneness with myself, with my fellow humans, and with the Divine. Allowing my breath and letting it deepen is an expression of faith in a Divine Plan, a life process, a Divine creation. Perhaps that is why I feel at peace when I breathe this way.

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