Energy Work – more than a modality

Did you know that all of who you are is in your energy field? It is therefore an area full of information. In my Energy Healing Courses I teach people the anatomy of the human energy field. More than that however, I teach students how to ‘read’ or ‘listen’ to the Field and what it is saying.

The ability to ‘still’ personal thoughts and feelings is essential to hearing what is being said in the Field. An aligning and attuning meditation skill helps to control the mind and place consciousness firmly in the soul centred Heart Centre. From here different connections can be made that open and strengthen the pathways from Soul to Soul, Higher Mind to Higher Mind, and the Intuition

This act of listening while in an aligned and attuned (connected) state needs to precede the application of the knowledge taught in the energy healing course. The knowledge in these courses amounts to much more than a ‘healing modality’ to be applied or done to someone. The Listening process is what enables the knowledge to be properly applied.

Working at this deep level with a person can enable increased energy flow, harmony and balance to occur in the energy field. Consider this: the field is a blue print if you like, that directly influences the dense physical body as well as the emotional and mental states. It is the harmony and balance at this subtle level that allows healing changes to occur within us.

Don’t just take my word for it. Experience it. Have an energy treatment. Attend the Chakra Study Group starting next month Wed. Nov 5th. Read about it in my newsletter. Decide for your self.