Getting Out of Your Own Way – Part One

Introduction to Getting Out of Your Own Way

As soon as we move our attention inward, away from the outer world where all the triggers are that help produce our stress, we begin the process of changing our responses to those stressors. They are usually unconscious. The longer we focus outside of ourselves in an attempt to manipulate people, circumstances, or the environment where we work and live, the longer we will feel the stress within us and the worse it will become. How long are we going to chase our tails, and stop paddling upstream?

Your Breath is the Key

Your breath is the key that unlocks the door to change, but we fear change, and that is reflected in our breathing. Catch 22!

The real issue is an inner one of resistance and a belief that change has to be hard. But if we could for a moment, not be so afraid, we could let it happen. It never happens faster than we can handle it, when we can do it with awareness and with breath.

We can learn to fear change less!

Energy follows thought. Where your attention goes is where your energy will go. So, change takes a long time, because when it happens for real, it happens at the mental and emotional levels before it happens at the physical level, and certainly at all those levels before it manifests outwardly in our lives for the world to see. It is a gradual process. We can learn to fear it less!

Moving consciousness to the Observer

The day long Enlightened Living Seminar is specifically designed to enable you to learn to become a lover of personal change by learning to be an allowing, observer of the process (of your own life), by moving to your centre (in the heart), using the breath, and allowing the process to happen the way it wants to for you. You will begin to live with less stress, more grace, calm, and a feeling of being connected to your heart centre. The nature of this centre is one of “unconditional love”. By going to this place of awareness, you begin to build into your being feelings of being “cared for” by your Self.

It is easy. It is a surrender.

The opportunity for change lies in surrendering to your breath,  to your Self, and to the present moment, where all change occurs… one breath, one moment, one step at a time, gradually, not with force, but with love. The result is a bridge to your Self and the effect of that is a reduction of fear based feelings at a personality – self level.

How has breath unlocked the door to change in your life? Leave your comments down below.


  • Carol Langdon says:

    I agree that simply breathing and being concious of the breath can reduce your stress levels and bring you into balance and focus better than anything else. I believe this is why disciplines such as meditation and yoga put so much emphasis on the breath.

    In my career and day to day life I have found that remembering to breathe can very quickly bring clarity to the mind and calm to the emotions, giving me the ability to show up in my life in a way that feels strenthening and empowering.

    Using it as a tool to deal with the stress and the pressures of an active life has helped me to manage. There is a greater flow and ease to my life.

  • Louise says:

    When you take time to stop and breathe you can find your way to your true self. It is there that you can begin to feel unconditional love for yourself and then begin to live with unconditional love for others. From there your purpose for this lifetime can be revealed.

  • Joanne Hughes says:

    Am so pleased that Carol has published this concise reminder of how and why we need to be aware of our breathing and how we can impact our lives and our functioning with conscious breathing.
    Thank you carol for your articulate gifted writing…
    Joanne Hughes