Our bodies, emotions and minds are naturally interconnected so that nothing happens in one without affecting the others. The art of Wholistic therapy acknowledges this fundamental truth and works to repair and maintain the ‘interconnectedness’ of a person. When we think, act, and feel in a coordinated way we feel at our best. When we move, feel and think better, it is reflected in our lives and our work..

I’ve spent most of my adult life learning how to work with all of a person from a causal level because I have a wholistic orientation. I see people similar to fine pieces of art that are made to last for a long time and will if maintained properly. Without maintenance we deteriorate.

       Every artist needs to know how to be a good technician so they can be effective with their tools. I am a technician who needs to also be an artist. I treat every client as the unique person they are and I use my skills, my tools, my knowledge plus my heart and soul because that is what gets the best results. What makes me feel like singing and dancing at the end of the day is that together with my clients, we restored some fabulous pieces of art.