Q: Why does it make perfect sense to come to the Enlightened Living Seminar?

Unlike some other educational opportunities, the Enlightened Living Seminar (ELS) is both informational and experiential.

Q: Why is this good?

Experiencing information is the first step to “embodying” information and making it your own. It means really learning it, not just “knowing” it.

Q: What is the ELS about?

The day is about why and how to live with more breath.

Q: Why is Breath so important?

The answer is obvious, or is it? Do you really understand the mechanics and the importance of your breath? Most of us breathe unconsciously and take it for granted.

Q: What can we do to change shallow breathing habits? How can I teach you something this big and impactful on your life IN ONE DAY?

I have been teaching, writing, and practising this set of skills for the purpose of sharing it for about 14 years. My background is in movement studies, dance therapy, the Alexander technique, meditation, teaching fitness, coaching track and field, healing, teaching healing, and professional body work. I feel qualified to teach you how to over come your unconscious resistance to breathing deeper.

Q: Why should you pay money to learn to breathe better?

We all struggle with the problem of shallow breathing. We lack an awareness of our breath and an understanding of the causes of shallow breathing. Most people don’t know about the benefits of deeper breathing.

Q: So, what are the benefits of deeper breathing?

Here are just a few. Deeper breathing

  • Creates space in your life for you and others
  • Allows you to live in the present
  • Improves energy levels and health
  • Sets the stage for clearer communication
  • Connects you to your “deeper” self
  • Helps raise your level of consciousness
  • Relieves stress by decongesting and detoxifying your physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • Opens you to love

Q: Why attend the one day Enlightened Living Seminar?

It is affordable and it makes so much sense to do so. The skills you will learn can be applied right away and will stand by you as you live your life. They never get old.

The next seminar is Sunday, April 27, 2014 in Barrie at the Side Door Yoga Studio, 80 Gunn St. in Barrie, ON. To register and learn more about the seminar go to my web site and click on the products/ELS tab. Thank you!