Learn About Esoteric Healing

The Art of Healing through the Energy Field

Healing Facilitators are people trained in the art and science of healing through the energy field.  They help others (and themselves) heal by learning first how to hold their mind and consciousness steady in the light of their Soul. This is a meditative process called aligning and attuning. Students of Esoteric Healing learn to “be” with another person’s energy field in a loving, caring, detached, non-personal way to facilitate the flow of energy, unblocking it where possible.

Esoteric Healers help to:

  • Co-ordinate or come into resonance within the field
  • Help in the end to bring greater balance to the whole.
  • Make forward motion in life be it healing, changing, growing, expressing, or becoming all you can be, easier.

An In Depth Study of Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing covers a lot of esoteric ground in both practical work in the energy field, as well as studies from the Ageless Wisdom Schools; e.g. Etheric Anatomy, the Laws and Rules of Healing, the art of triangulation, the Science of Breath and Meditation, a working knowledge of the Seven Rays of Energy and how they play out in all of life, Esoteric Psychology and much more.

The basic course called Esoteric Healing (in 4 parts) is taught world wide on behalf of the International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH), see http//[email protected] Each part is a minimum of 26 hours of class time. A certificate is issued to the student after the completion of all four parts to the satisfaction of the teacher. Post-graduate courses are available.

Your Essence is Energy

It’s true that your essence is energy. Energy work assists your essence to redefine itself or perhaps express itself in new ways. For example, since energy needs to flow and be harmonious to work well it is possible after energy work that what seemed difficult to do in life now seems easier; or what did not function well physically now does much better.

When Your Heart and Mind Come Together

Heart and mind come together as the focusing tool with conscious alignment and attunement is to the earth, soul and universal source. This allows healing facilitators to stay grounded, connected to their unconditional wisdom/love and detached from any personal thoughts or desires. Alice Bailey’s first law from her book Esoteric Healing says, “The Soul is the true healer of the form.” This is where heart and mind come together, through the help of a healing facilitator as they sense the quality of energy as it flows through its various distribution centers – this exact and specific alignment and attunement is vital to setting the stage for healing to take place.

Esoteric Healing with Carol Martin

Esoteric Healing is meant to be done in groups but can be administered one-on-one and the work is compatible to all other forms of healing, like allopathic, naturopathic, wholistic, etc. The knowledge in the INEH courses helps to raise consciousness in individuals and groups and it is a great source of inspiration and hope.  As the Tibetan Djwahl Khul says: “Let the student ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition”. Carol Martin invites you to join her at her next Esoteric healing Course. 

Next Part One Esoteric Healing will be at The Point of Light Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Dates: November 16, 17, 23, & 24, 2013
Cost: $400 Early Bird $350 by October 16, 2013<
Location: 16635 Yonge St. Unit 9, Newmarket, ON, L3X 1V6
Phone: 289-802-3190
Time: 9:30 to 5:30

Contact Carol to sign up for the next course.  Do you think your essence is energy? Leave your comments below!



  • Carol Langdon says:

    I think energy and life force are pretty much interchangeable and when you start applying these concepts to the avenues of health and well being you are opening up new frontiers in how we look at dis-ease and ways of approaching how we address it.
    Our essence or spiritual nature is eternal and holds within it the unlimited potential for health and wholeness.I know first hand that esoteric healing provides a means of tapping into this energy.

  • Louise says:

    It is amazing the healing that takes place in someone’s life when they become aware of the connection between mind, soul and the physical body.