Orange cat love

My conditioning has been to first look outside myself for the “right information” from others, rather than ask myself what I want/need.

Change is in the air and it brings with it old fears and insecurities about making the right choices. So I am looking within for guidance and reassurance. The message I’ve been getting is ‘the fears will resolve just by letting myself be still and go within where the voice of my higher mind/soul can speak to me in the stillness.’ Its like having a  consciousness adjustment.

Our personalities run with many fear based thoughts and feelings that we need to let go of again, and again. I don’t like feeling stymied by fear and apprehension. I want to feel the confidence and flow I love so much. I can see it; remember it.

Getting this latest missive from Findhorn is bringing a smile of relief to me and thoughts of ‘yes, you are on the right track; you can trust your self!!!!’

I am sharing it with you……

Guidance from Eileen Caddy


Be Filled With My Love, My Light and My Wisdom

Be very still and listen. I ask for nothing more, for when you become still, you become emptied of all that would clutter you up, emptied of all the old and you are ready to be refilled with the new. As long as you are straining and striving you are not free, you are not empty, there is no room for the new to enter. You cannot put new wine in old bottles; you cannot put an old piece of cloth on a new garment any more than you can expect to be filled with the new while you are still clinging on to the old. In absolute peace and stillness you can become emptied of everything at the beginning of each day, letting go of all that happened yesterday, having no personal desires for the day but a complete openness and freedom, you become an empty vessel waiting to be filled with My Love, My Light and My Wisdom.

13 February 2015