Meditation is a way of life, inseparable from breath and healing. It is a way to integrate ourselves. Integration is a natural step waiting to happen, trying to happen all the time. It is part of the homeostatic process. It will happen if we let it. Our ability to change and transform happens more easily and painlessly when we are breathing deeply.


 “Everything is as it should be and I accept everything as it is with no denials.”

Questions to consider

  1. How do we get out of our own way?
  2. How do we set the stage for meditation to be a part of our lives?
  3. How do we learn to allow our breath, our energy, and our life? 


Breathe – Observe – Allow – Accept – Let Go

Breathe in and out deeply while sitting with your back straight and your feet planted on the floor. Count 4 breaths in and out, then another 4, keep going. Start with 5 minutes a day and work up to 15 minutes. Now you are meditating.

In Your Life

Observe what is without judgment or action. Be in a still and neutral place within your self. Be patient, this takes time, a life time.

Allow what is without judgment. Learn to allow what is to be. Whether you like it or not is not the issue. This is harder than you think, and takes time.

Accept what is without judgment. The truth shall set you free, so accept what is the best you can.

Let go of your exhale. Let go of your resistance to this present moment so you can learn to accept, allow and observe what is.

This is the art of living a meditative life.