WE live in an information age – Over Information! I know lots of people, and I am one of them, who practically cringe when they hear about yet another good idea “for sale”, or, and this one especially, a new “good for your health” product for sale. Its information overload and who can you trust and believe? So its a little embarrassing for me to tell you this next bit, but I have to. I am busting to tell you. I want to scream it from every roof top, talk about it on every radio station, be invited to speak to every group that ever represented people and whose interest is the health, happiness and prosperity of those people.

WE all contribute to the world what we can in our own small ways. It is the intent that matters or “where you are coming from”. The intensity of feeling and level of commitment I have for the information I have to share is very high and has been since the beginning in 2000. If anything it has increased over time.

MY original intention: Teach 3 easy to learn ways to by-pass our unconscious resistance to deeper breathing.
WHY? To allow yourself to be ready and open for change.
WHY? We are in our own ways most of the time.
WHY? We fear change.
WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM? Look around. Does the status quo not need a little tweaking? Are there not psychological patterns in Your Life needing tweaking? Are you hanging on to the old and resisting the new?
WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT NOW? Cause changes in the Big Picture (the world) begin in the Little Picture (yours and every other individual who walks the earth.)

IF I said these three skills will raise the level of consciousness in your self, thus contributing to the raising of consciousness on the planet, and that this might well be your greatest contribution, would you not get a wee bit excited too!

LIFE is hard enough no matter who you are, your status, your wealth or lack of it, so, if someone offers a way to make life not only better, but easier, you’d be crazy not to listen. So listen up!

I am introducing these 3 amazing skills on these dates in May:
*Wednesday May 28 at the Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre near Wyebridge
*Friday May 30 at Positive Pathways at 40 Belfarm Rd. Unit 8 in Barrie

Please R.S.V.P.  to me if you plan on attending. There is no fee. Donations are accepted.

I am teaching these three skills in the one day seminar on Breath in June:
*Wednesday, June 11 at the Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre (see info on web site)

The information I teach is fundamental and life changing and BASIC. No one I know is beyond or below these skills and everyone who takes the one day class benefits. The class is so good and so seriously BASIC you can take it many times to deepen your experience and understanding.

AND LOOK FOR the book BREATHE on Amazon or locally from me. You will never breathe 100% unconsciously again. Thanks for listening to my rant! Now go on my web site and sign up for the class !

Yours in breath,
Carol Martin