What are Your Priorities?

What are your priorities and why are they your priorities? Ask yourself how these priorities make you feel. If what you have chosen to be a priority in your life also makes you consistently afraid, uncomfortable or pressured you may want to re-think this choice!

Setting the Stage
Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot, not by aiming too high but in not setting the stage well enough to make getting there palatable. If the journey isn’t palatable you likely won’t do it in the long run. Setting the stage correctly usually demands a little rigor and focused consistency, often more work than we thought it might take.

Example: A Simple Scenario
Priority is to increase body strength to enable a more graceful aging process.
Stage setting:
1. Make it a priority to have a work out in the local gym a minimum of three times a week, every other day.
2. Determine the minimum and maximum requirements of out put in each work out which experience and/or help will determine.

Example: A More Complicated Scenario
Priority is to raise consciousness in self and assist others.
Stage setting:
1. Decide through reflection what has worked best thus far and why
2. Notice what the perameters are in terms of what activities manifest a shift upwards in consciousness.
3. Package the thoughts and exercises into an enjoyable to read book and an experiential, fun, one day class.
4. Advertise both these opportunities by talking and writing about them.
5. Find an agent interested in the material to help get the book published in hard copy.

What are Your Priorities?

Notice there are more steps in stage setting with a more complicated priority.What are your priorities? How can they become your new reality? What are the steps you need to consider? Have you set aside time to plan this? Make a wish list of what you don’t like in your life on one side of the page and what you like and want to nourish on the other side. This is an exercise from the one day seminar. It may help orient your mind around your priorities. Good luck!

All the best,