Books and audio to welcome breath into your life

Breath is never forced, it’s always ALLOWED. Force engages defenses. So the awareness, the allowing and the acceptance of the breath is step one in the process of supporting the full natural bridging and connection of mind and body through breath.

Saying YES to life requires an exhale to make room for an inhale and every cell gets the message live and thrive.

In fear we hold our breath. In love we let it go. In low level chronic anxiety we shallow breathe, driving with our brakes on. When you stop breathing you die. Breath is everything. It creates space for life, introspection, creativity, movement and the transformation and resolution of unfinished business. The exhale “lets go” of the past and makes room for the present, so as to greet the future. The inhale brings life in, the exhale lets go of what was. We begin anew with each breath.”

Breathe is available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords, print and eBook versions (Kindle, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo Reader). Breathe is also available in audiobook form.

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Audio Samples from Breathe

Dear Carol,

I finally took the time to read your book. I am totally in love with it! I am full of superlatives about its look and feel, and of course, about the deep wisdoms that it contains. You have expressed these with simplicity, expansiveness and power. I can’t say enough …

Your book is based on your personal experience of the Journey, it is truly authentic. It is also beautiful and well-written; even the turquoise colour you chose is sunny, heart-warming and expansive — very Jupiterian. Overall, its energy quality is definitely that of the heart.

With love and appreciation,

Jocelyne Traub