What does that mean?
Is standing up for your self standing your ground? Can this be done safely without a lot of confrontation and overt effort? I can think of three instances when it could be a positive thing.

1. My niece said she was being bullied by two girls from her school, off school property, coming and going.
2. Facing medical procedures one might feel less than empowered or “voiceless” dealing with the machinations of the “system”.
3. Both men and women can be facing domineering spouses who are either consciously or unconsciously abusive.

Consider becoming calm, clear and centred as a starting point in “standing your ground”.
• A calm mind and body is more easily received by others.
• Clarity of thoughts and feelings has the potential of calming all those around you and helps in communication, verbal and non-verbal.
• Being centred enables you to persist if need be in standing your ground, in case your point of view needs re-stating.

The following is my method of becoming calm, clear and centred.
1. Breathe deeply allowing your exhale a few good releases.
2. Observe your breathing and the effects it has on you.
3. Become identified with the part of you that “observes”.
4. To stay grounded visualize your feet attached to the earth.
5. To remain centred continue to observe your breath and identify with your observer self.

The observer part of you is still, quiet, calm, passive, centred, neutral and beyond emotion.
It is an energetic part of you located deep inside and links to aspects of your mind like intuition, imagination, creativity and inspiration. From here you have some real detachment from emotions like fear. From here you are more than what you are observing.

As I told my niece, from the observer it is easier to see the whole picture about bullies ~ that they are actually to be pitied because they think so little of themselves they need to put others down to lift themselves up. They are the ones in fear deep down.

Let me know if you try the method and how you make out. Do you have a way of standing your ground that is working for you? Do you want to share?