There are so many upsides to winter so lets not focus only on the brrrr cold or the slipppperrrry walks. Lets think about all the great things winter offers us.

Walking in slippery conditions becomes an opportunity for an ultra slow moving meditationlest we fall on our derriere!

It is dark so early! – an opportunity to read more or catch up on some sleep?

The spirit of light and love, giving and receiving, symbolized by Christmas comes just when we  need it, at the darkest time of the year, to remind us we are all joined in some mysterious way!

We sing Carols which instinctively raises our vibrations and brings joy to us whether we can carry a tune or not!

Go within and re-assess your life and your priorities. With the dawning of a new year and the the need for keeping warm it is a natural time to ruminate, go within, assess your situation and make plans. Open to your inner wisdom and let the insights flow,not just once. Winter is the time to do this a lot.

Give your self the gift of winter.

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