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Observe, Accept, Allow; set the stage for life to happen.

“The important thing is to discover, and after discovering, to keep going.  It is detrimental to stay with what you have discovered, for then your mind is closed, finished.  But if you die to what you have discovered the moment you have discovered it, then you can flow like a stream, like a river that has an abundance of water.”

J. Krishnamurti

A typical treatment with me could comprise one or all five of the modalities mentioned. After a case history is taken and we have spoken, I might have a logical plan of treatment in mind, but the body can dictate a different approach once I am working with it. What happens in a session is determined in the moment by what the person presents to me.

Modalities are just tools that help the interaction between patient and therapist be the best it can be. Treatments must be unique for every individual. What worked for Tom and Dick might not work for Harry. For that reason I find I must lead with my intuitive mind and back that up with my logical mind.

Massage Therapy (MT)

I was trained in Swedish Massage and learned Aromatherapy along the way. This is feel good medicine and when coupled with subtler approaches can be doubly effective. I enjoy the therapeutic use of essential oils.

Energy Healing (EH)

This form of work was originally named Esoteric Healing. Why? Esoteric simply means hidden, not at first ascertainable with the normal 5 senses. The physical etheric field is not visible with normal vision but it is certainly palpable, with training, by the hands. The physical body has both a dense aspect and an etheric counter part which sustains, maintains, energizes and penetrates the dense as well as extending beyond it by 8 to 12 inches – the first wave band of the human aura. It keeps us alive. When things go wrong in the dense we can work with them through the etheric – the causal area, the blue print for the dense.

Energy work is my “go to” modality because it enables healing better than any other modality and complements all the other approaches.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

This is my other “go to” modality as it releases the fascia (connective tissue) which in turn frees up the organs (this includes the brain), the muscles, the joints and the systems(blood, lymph, nervous system) to all function better. Unnaturally positioned, tight fascia creates pain and dysfunction somewhere in the body. Many symptoms can be alleviated and prevented by a technique called “unwinding” the fascia.

Ortho-Bionomy (OB)

This techniques was developed by a Canadian born osteopath named Arthur Lincoln Pauls. It uses a  positioning technique to release long held patterns of tension, painlessly and naturally. I use this inter-changeably with CST.

Spiral Dynamik Therapy (SDT)

This is a movement technique that spirals all the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments to release tension which painlessly brings relief to the whole body. It is part of a larger body of work called Ortho-Kinetics, developed in Europe by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. I was trained by Katerina Pek, a former Chechoslovakian doctor living and working in Canada.

Except for massage therapy, these modalities can be performed through clothing that isn’t too thick or tight.

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