In our computerized, digital society we need to find ways to stay grounded and not live in our minds alone but in our bodies and our emotions too. If we don’t, we risk everything because we will become more out of balance if we lose those connections. We need to stay in touch with all that we are.

 It is already obvious that people give too much power to the mind instead of viewing it as a tool to learn to use wisely. A perspective that is only mental is not inclusive, very limited, and can be dangerous to the future of the planet and mankind. This fragmented perspective doesn’t work at the individual level either. So what can we do? Often the answers to problems that seem really big are simple.

One of the exercises I teach in the one day Enlightened Living seminar is called “My Wish List”. Take as sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top left write:

“Things I want to change in my Life”; or “Things I don’t like about my Life”. At the top right side of the page write: “Things I like about my life”; or Things I want to bring into my Life”; or “Things I want to nourish in my Life”. Begin writing your thoughts in the left column and finish the exercise with writing thoughts down in the right column.

 This exercise will help ground your energy in your Life – in all three bodies: physical, mental and emotional. It will help bring you into the present, get you current with your self, and keep you more conscious of all that you are. This exercise breaks the pattern of fragmentation that comes from living from only one perspective and losing touch with the others – living in your mind without consideration of your emotions and/or your body.

It is a simple exercise and I’d love to hear how it worked for you. Stay in touch.




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  • While I have done variations of this in the past, it is helpful to view it from another persons perspective. My right column is my “gratitude column” and usually consists of things I am grateful for. As well, at the top of the left list, I have a notation to try to ignore things I cannot change and work on those I can. Thanks for the blog .. reminded me that I am doing the right things, though perhaps not often enough 🙂