Remember, we usually make changes in our lives when we can, when we are at ease in our lives and feel aware and motivated. When we are in hot water we may wish we’d made a change earlier because making changes when life is difficult isn’t easy.

Washing dishes, think about your sacrum. Where is it? Is it under your shoulders supporting your posture? Is your stomach holding up your rib cage, lifting your sternum, taking the effort from your back?

Driving your car, notice your breathing. Are you holding your breath or breathing shallow? Let your exhale go. Don’t hold on to it!

Talking with someone or your self, in person or on the phone, pause to breathe while you are speaking. You and everyone else will feel more included and it is easier to hear the words when the breath is not lost, as if the words were more important than the people.

Got too much to do? Who put all those things on your to do list? Stop, sit, breathe, align and attune with your observer self, the earth, your Higher Self, and the Universe/Source. Find your inner sanctum. Connect with –in so you can better connect with-out.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, either is a whole integrated human. Have fun with the process. It’s your life.

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